Stone Splitters

The Stone and Rock Splitters we can supply handle a wide variety of types of rock and dimensions. Everything from cobble stones, facing stones, kerb stones, up to large 240 tonne blocks of stone and rocks, as well as concrete. Below are a selection of machines, but if they do not meet your needs please contact us by email or phone to discuss your requirements.

The C Range

MEC C Range Splitter to create shaped blocks

These are versatile machines capable of splitting a wide range of rock types of varying dimensions, to produce finished products such as small cubes, curbstones and wall stones. A truly versatile machine ideal for splitting uneven and irregular shaped stone. It is ideal to work different materials and measures.

These are fast, robust reasonably priced machines available with a splitting power that ranges from 24 to 230 tonnes. These versatile machines are able to produce a wide variety of products: small cubes, wall stones, curbstones and paving stones are just a few examples.


 Mec Semi-Trittico

This range is comprised of an open frame splitting machine. Made up of either a single or double steel slatted motorised mobile conveyor belt to transport the material, and a semi mobile bench, with shock absorbers.

It's the smallest machine of its category, permitting a minimum of investment for a simple, rational and productive system.

Splitting height from 400 to 550 mm

Splitting strength from 70 to 160 tonnes


MEC Power-Trittico with finished blocks

This is comprised of an open frame splitting machine. On both entry and exit there are double steel slatted motorised conveyor belts. This is a much heavier machine, designed specifically to deal with not only much larger blocks, but also much harder stone.

This machine can also be equipped with hydraulic manipulators, particularly useful in shifting irregular shaped blocks.

Splitting height from 600 to 1000mm

Splitting strength from 180 to 230 tonnes

MDC Range - Portable

MDC Portable Splitter

The MDC range is designed to reduce transport costs by taking the splitting machine to where the stone is.

Suitable for splitting cladding, stone wall coverings, cement, re-using and re-cycling leftover material.

Particularly useful for splitting stone to be used as cladding, cement products , in the manufacture of border tiles, stone facings for walls and re-cycling left over or waste materials from varying situations such as road building, on-site at the quarry or even at the workshop.

Take the machine to where the stone is. Weighing only 750 kg, the machines from the MDC range are easily transportable by pick-up or small truck. Easily lifted onto a vehicle by a small crane thanks to the rings positioned at the top of the machine, or by fork-lift using the slots under the machine.