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MEC s.r.l. is dedicated to the development and production of stone splitting machinery. The result being that MEC is a leader in the manufacture of stone and cement splitting equipment, from stone splitting machines to fully integrated systems and automated lines.The factory operates according to the norms set out by ISO 9001:2001 and therefore complies with the utmost of international criterion.

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Lumesa SA specialise in the production of portable modular drilling rigs. They offer a great variety of components that allow four different sizes of machines to be built in a modular system. There are components weighting 40 - 50 kg for the lightest machine (Max.torque 1400 Nm) as well as components weighting 80 - 120 kg for the more powerful machine (max. torque 5000 Nm). This makes these machines ideal for use in areas where it is not feasible to use heavy crawlers.